Customers needed clear and consistent routes to self-service and assisted support when seeking help, wanting to learn a new skill, or have to speak with a representative.

The self service experience redesign helped solve for this with a modern, purpose-built set of dynamic templates and components. The following foundational templates work across support and learning for all Adobe clouds and products.

HelpX eco-system of templates
The self-service experience’s AEM templates are optimized across Adobe products and services to get customers the answer they seek, or browse to learn on their own.

Adode Support Search Results Page
The Search template is built into an aligned, consistent design system for self-service and assisted support.

Adobe Search results page sample

Adode Support Hub
As portal for all Adobe Products and Cloud services, the Adobe Support hub is search driven, with access to top issues, product picker to all Adobe products’ support pages, access to Adobe community, and assisted support channels.

Adobe Support Hub

Product Hub
As the hub of each product or cloud's support and learning content, the template is contextually search-driven with easy access to core 'spoke' pages for a given product: Get Started, User Guide, Tutorials.

As the customer scrolls down the page, custom blocks of content allows a rich browsing path for users such as Community forums or Related app and products one may want to learn more about.

Photoshop Product Hub

Get Started
For the beginner, new to Adobe, each section of content is optimized to help this user on their new journey with a product.

Photoshop Get Started

User Guide
A rich template with all topics on a given product.

Photoshop User Guide

The 'Answer' template can be a 'how-to,' a trouble-shooting topic, or a learning video. The UX team optimized and audited the base authoring components to create a clean slate to build and author on.

Photoshop Article page

HelpX Self Service Walkthrough

Adobe logo

Adobe Self-Service redesign
Dates - 2015-2017

Senior User Experience Manager

Adobe customer self service was in need of a redesign to modernize the user experience and consolidate instances of

Page to page experiences were inconsistent and the templates and components driving this system needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.

From pre-sale to post sale, this experience needed to work for the end-2-end customer journey, this redesign got the effort rolling.

I led and managed a UX team which delivered a set of modern AEM templates for Adobe Support.

Simplicity, consistency and scaleability were core UX principles that drove this redesign effort.

Beginning with a new Hub presence for Adobe Support, the team went on to deliver a new Search experience and set of purpose-built templates for product and cloud content.

:: Search driven experience
:: Intuitive, consistent navigation
:: Flexibility for content & localization
:: Interactive dynamic components
:: Accessibility compliant - 508c Standards
:: Analytics–insight awareness built in

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