The Apple Online Store’s Mac Comparison tool allowed customers to compare up to 3 Macs and save those configurations for later viewing.

Entry page Mac Comparision Experience
Above - From a Product Hero page, customers customers could access the Mac Compare tool.

Detail: Select a Mac Modal Mac Comparison tool Modal window detail

Compare up to 3 Macs Apple Online Checkout Detail

Detail: Saved Mac Configurations modal Apple Online Checkout Detail


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Apple Online Store Mac Comparison Tool
Dates - 2006-2011

Senior Visual / Interaction Designer

Mac configuration needed to be better for customers at the time. Advanced users would open multiple broswer tabs and configure their dream Macs on multiple windows. It was a bad experience for a considered & costly purchase that may need revisited before a customer is ready to buy their next Mac.

From the Shop Mac in the navigation, a user could access the new Mac Comparison tool. This tool allowed for a unique 3-up comparison experience for buying a Mac.

:: Begin > Shop Mac > family - Good, Better, Best
:: Compare up to 3 Macs at once
:: Save your configurations for later
:: Optimized UX elements and page interactions

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