The v1 Feed experience was an infinite-scrolling masonry tile view of the eBay Marketplace homepage. It was a visually personalized experience catering to a user’s interests and searches they “Followed.” This experience replaced the former homepage and led to further engagement efforts such as a new Collections page and a redesigned Profile page.

eBay Feed Homepage

Easy onboarding for new customers.

eBay feed onboarding eBay feed onboarding step 2 eBay feed onboarding step 3

Once onboarded,easy powerful filters for Search

eBay Feed Edit Interests page

The feed gave users the ability to make and follow ‘Collections’ or other users with the option to buy the product as well.
eBay Collections page

New profile page to support collections and community

eBay Profile page

SEO wins came with this new experience.

SEO & Impact

Feed Launch Demo

3.0 Vision

eBay logo

eBay Feed Experience
Dates - 2011-2014

Principal User Experience Designer

The v1 Feed created an engaging reason to visit eBay. It took shape from vision to initial release within a two quarter window.

I led UX/UI efforts on the tiger team who brought the initial Feed experience to eBay customers.

:: Infinite-scrolling masonry product tiles
:: 3-step onboarding for new customers
:: Personalized to your interests
:: Easy, powerful filters for Search
:: Content flexibilty for tile-types
:: Dynamic tile interactions
:: Ability to purchase items
:: Ability to add items to a collection
:: New V1 Collection page
:: Refreshed profile page

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